Sexy Gstaad

February 28 - March 1, 2020

Collective art exhibition

Organized by Artsfemin at the Huus Gstaad Hotel.




I like paintings with a lot of texture because I think it makes them more vivid and interesting to look at. In my work I experiment with putty and layers of color to create the specific surface that I want. Acrylic paint that has a short drying time is what I use most frequently in the layering process.

When it comes to tools, I use whatever works best to achieve the expression I am aiming for. I use everything from pieces of cloth, plastics, spatulas, brushes, sponges and my hands. I almost always paint on deep gallery canvases as I think they do particularly well as decor.

My creation process is very intuitive. Although I often decide on a motif or combination of colors in advance, I never know exactly how the results will be.

I mainly paint abstract art, or semi-abstract works with silhouettes. My most common motifs are women, mainly women's bodies. The reason why this has become one of my main motifs is probably because I have been surrounded by many strong women during my childhood. I am also very proud to be a woman and believe in our strength, and I think that the female body is beautiful and sensual.

Why I paint
As a hard-working teacher, editor, woman, mother and partner, creating art is my break in the hectic everyday life. It's a moment that I get for myself, although my children often keep me company. My thoughts when I am in front of the canvas are only about color, texture and shape and on what I am creating.


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Art for sale
I update instagram with new art and art in progress almost every day, but not my web site as much. But you can always reach out to ask about available art and prices.

I gladly accept commissions. It’s a perfect way for the customer to get a really unique piece in the size and colors he or she wants.

I deliver all over the world. Large paintings are a bit more complicated and more expensive to deliver, therefore, the customer will have to pay for the delivery costs. I normally use PostNord and/or UPS for my deliveries. However, if you have any other suggestion, please let me know. if you live in Stockholm/Sweden, I can arrange delivery or pick up for free.

Payments can be done through bank transfer, PayPal, Swish (in Sweden) or cash (Swedish corona and Euros).

Swedish customers can pay with Klara that offers a payment plan. Certificate of Authenticity All my paintings come with a certificate of authenticity.